Quantum and atom optics involves the study of quantum mechanical effects in light and matter (e.g. atom) waves.

The quantum physics of light and atoms asks questions like:

When must we describe light with photons and when will simple waves do? What happens when atoms are so cold they act just like waves? Can we process information better, e.g., faster, using the wave/particle dichotomy of quantum light and atoms? How can we understand and maybe make use of the exotic properties of superconductors and superfluids?

Current areas of research interest include:

  • quantum stochastic processes and their application;
  • quantum interference, correlation and entanglement;
  • cavity quantum electrodynamics of atoms, quantum dots and superconducting qubits;
  • Bose-Einstein condensation, with application to quantum information;
  • dissipative quantum phase transitions;
  • quantum feedback and control.


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